Monday, February 22, 2010

Visiting Amelia

Wow, what a great weekend! Friday was DH's birthday and I planned a surprise weekend getaway. After work, I told him to get in the car because we had reservations. My plan had been to just get on the interstate and go, but he saw me hide a key (so my in-laws could watch the dog). So, he found out a little sooner than I had planned that we were going out of town. He wasn't thrilled at first, but he warmed up to it!

We spent the weekend on Amelia Island. It was wonderful! The weather was fantastic! We slept late on Saturday and then went to his favorite beach restaurant for lunch. It's a cute little place called "Sandy Bottoms." They have amazing seafood and it's right on the water. We sat and ate and chatted for awhile. I had forgotten how nice it is to have a full conversation with my husband without two kids interrupting.

After lunch we visited Fort Clinch (pictured above), an unfinished fort from the civil war. It was really amazing. I was, admittedly, not excited about going there, but once we were there it was fascinating. We saw the fort jail, barracks, hospital, quarterman's office, and the bakery. I love historical places like that, it amazes me that MY feet were touching the same floor that union soldiers' feet touched. Perhaps I'm weird...

We then went to a local bookstore and met an author of local ghost stories. She was sweet and signed a book for me. Then we got a nap, yes, a nap! After the nap we went to dinner at this cute little Irish Pub that DH loves. We wandered around town window shopping and just chatting. After getting back to the room we watched Frost/Nixon, which was MUCH better than I expected.

Sunday brought us back to real life and back to the boys, who I missed terribly. They had an awesome weekend with grandma, though, seeing a play, visiting the "train store", playing at the park, and playing train. It's funny, I didn't realize how much DH and I both needed a getaway. We're back now and more relaxed, which is good. As a bonus, my mother in law cleaned my house while I was gone!

Hope everyone else had an amazing weekend, too!

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