Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The World According to C

"Mommy, I don't feel good. I think I have a murmur, like Baby A."

* * * *

"Mommy, I need a new knee, just like Gaga!"

* * * *

C: "Paleontologists are people that look for dinosaur bones. They look for bones of carnivores and herbivores. Egg stealing ovoraptors are carnivores."

me: "Are you a carnivore or an herbivore?"

C: "A carnivore, I don't eat plants!"

me: "You eat fruits and veggies, those are plants!"

C: (literally smacks his forehead) "OH! I eat chicken! Do you think T-rex eats chicken? Haha, I'm just joking. I'm so silly."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Last Night's Excitement

Yesterday was a crazy day. I was home sick with a sore throat, but, I couldn't seem to make myself rest, so I did a lot of housework. It was actually a pretty productive day, but I felt worse in the evening than I did when I woke up.

You can imagine that by the time C and A were soundly sleeping in their beds, I was ready for some mommy time. I put on my favorite tank top and jammie pants and went to pull my hair into a ponytail when...wait....what's that in my hair? Is that a knot?'s gooey.....EWWW, it feels like gum!! EW!, nobody had gum today. This is where I start screaming for DH (and we wonder where C gets his drama??)

DH, between snorts of laughter, identifies the glob in my hair as a yogo. For those of you that don't know, yogos are little bits of fruit roll-up type material covered in yogurt. They are usually brightly colored. This one was neon green.

How in the world did the little goblins get a yogo in my hair you may ask? Well, lately, we play airplane a lot. The bed is the airplane, the ceiling fan is the "engine." The whole family has to "board" the plane by sitting on the bed and C, the pilot, of course, starts the plane and jumps on. So far, our family has been to Orlando, Dinosaurland, Africa, and China on these ubercomfortable jets. Today, C served yogos as our in-flight snack. A has a tendency to get disgusted by yogos and take them out of his mouth. This was right before see where I'm going with this....

So, not only was my hair globby with neon green melty yogo, it was RIGHT next to my scalp. I just KNEW I'd have to cut it out and I'd look like my brother looked when he was two and I decided to give him a haircut. Luckily, after a REALLY hot shower, a hairbrush, 4 shampoos, and lots of yelling at DH to stop laughing, I got the yogo out of my hair.

On the bright side, my hair is REALLY clean....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Update on Prayers for A

Just a quick update, because if I don't get some work done soon people may start questioning what exactly I do all day. A returned to Dr. N this week for test results. His appointment was scheduled late in the afternoon so that I could work most of the day. However, around noon his nurse called and asked if we could come in at 2, because Dr. N had some cancellations and "wanted to end his day early."

Fine. We go in early.

Dr. N, however, didn't have time to see us long, so he sent his PA to deliver the results. She kept saying things like, "the test results are relatively normal," and "for the most part, it's good news." I kept waiting for the bomb to drop, but, it never came.

So, turns out all the test results were normal. Based on the fact that A has only had one "episode," we're going to watch him and see if anything else presents itself.

At the end of the appointment, Dr. N came in to say, "A's test results are good." He then instructed me to over salt A's food. He said to start slow, but gradually go up to a lot of salt, so he'd get used to the taste. The reasoning? So his blood pressure won't go low and he won't faint. But...he doesn't have low blood pressure? What?

Does it seem to anyone else that this is setting him up for HIGH blood pressure later in life with all the salt? Clearly, I'm going to need his ped's input on this.

We saw the ped on Monday, for a murmur check. He maintains that it's an innocent murmur, but says we can see a pediatric cardiologist if we need to for our own "anxiety." He mentioned that he knew DH was "more anxious" that I am about diagnoses. Anyone who knows me knows that this is hilarious, because *I* am the one who freaks out. That' s ok, we don't have to share that with the ped.....

I did tell him that, should A need further neurological care, we would not be going with Dr. N. The ped laughed and said I wasn't the first parent to say that and he'd help us with a referral to the university hospital.

That's all in A's medical drama for now. We'd appreciate continued prayers!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The World According to C

"Mommy, I'm really glad that I'm here, I sure do have to help you remember a LOT!"

* * * *

"Easter is coming! I love Easter, I get Easter candy, I can hunt Easter eggs, we made an Easter cake...but, Mommy? Right now, I have to go pee Easter pee!"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Owls Don't Sleep At Night!

Tonight C and I had one of those moments. He was being a sweet boy and we were cuddling before bed. We read our books, told a goodnight story, and then C was "teaching" me the songs that he learned at school. He sang a cute firefighter song, and most of the ABC's, but he got to U and became "too tired" to continue. (My twin calls him a divo...this is totally appropriate.)

C asked me to sing him something, so I sang Laurie Bernker's Goodnight Song. If you haven't heard it, it's really cute. Here are the lyrics:

I'm a little tiger and my mommy loves me. I'm a little tiger and my daddy loves me, and when they tuck me in to say goodnight they say grrr, grrr, grrr, goodnight. Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight little tiger goodnight.

The song goes on with a little frog, little owl, and finally a little kid. Tonight when I got to little owl, C stopped me. "Actually, mommy.....owls don't sleep at night. Owls are nocturnal, they sleep during the day. So, owls aren't going to sleep right now. It's night time."

C never ceases to amaze me. He's so cute and so smart (and I'm not biased at all...very much....) I told him that he was absolutely right and I would not sing the owl part. C got really quiet, gave me a kiss and said, "that's ok, mommy. If you want to sing the owl part, you can." Such a sweet boy! It was a hallmark moment and the perfect way to end the day. That is until C said, "mommy, do you know the pick your nose song? It's gross. Really gross."

Moment. Over.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Boys Are Back In Town!

Well, they're back. C and A had the best Spring Break EVER! They're already starting to talk about going back and what they are going to do the next time that they visit Poppa and Goose's house. C informed me that next time, I was not to pick him up for six weeks! I swear that they grew and matured while they were gone. A is speaking in full conversations now and C just seems to be older and wiser.

After we picked them up from the grandparents we went home for a nap and then headed out to our local university's spring scrimage football game. Dh and I had been talking about taking the boys to a game, and thought this was the perfect chance to try it out. We arrived at the stadium and the boys were very impressed. They ran up and down the ramps, rode the elevator, and let mommy and daddy hold them while we went up and down the stadium steps a million times. (Ouch, my legs are sore!) They got to see the mascot's horse, which C proclaimed to look JUST like his dog, the cheerleaders, and they got to dance to the music. We had a blast, until, that is, the game actually started. Then we heard a lot of "I'm bored," "I'm hungry," "I'm ready to go!" So, it's not time to buy the season tickets just yet. Dh was disappointed that he didn't get a chance to scout out the team.

We ended the night with a trip to C's favorite pizza place where the boys ate a TON and played video games. It was such a nice family night out, being that we had all had a "break" and were refreshed. A ended the evening by telling me, "I WUB you mommy, I give you TISS!" and giving me a big smooch. What a perfect way to end the day!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kid-free days and long distance worry

So C and A are still at my dad's. I'm amazed that they made it this far. I miss them more than I could possibly say. Every time I call to check (which I am embarrassed to admit is multiple times a day) they are too busy to talk to mommy. Although, A did manage a, "hi mommy!" before he ran off into his fort made out of a refrigerator box. This is forcing me to admit that my babies are growing up and aren't babies anymore!

On Monday, A spiked a temp and my dad and stepmother took him into the doctor's office for a checkup. All was OK, they suspect a sore throat and gave him some augmentin. I'm a little surprised that they gave him antibiotics without a positive strep test. The scary part is, the doctor heard a heart murmur. He said it was loud and he was surprised that A was cleared for his ear tube surgery last month without checking it out. Of course, my heart hit the floor. With all the recent testing and scares this terrified me. After a call to my pediatrician, I realized/remembered that a heart murmur was heard when A was 4 months old and that it was a vibratory murmur, thought to be innocent. The pedi said that if A was sick, he probably had increased cardiac output which caused the doc to hear the murmur. Don't freak out, he said, but bring him in for an appointment in a couple of weeks and we'll check it out. So, more testing for A. Poor guy.

The worst part about all of this (apart from general health worries for A) is that I'm so far away. I just want to cuddle him and read books, and rock him and do our normal sick baby routine and I can't. I hate that I'm not there to make the calls that need to be made and give him his medicine and just be mommy. It's so hard to give up control! A good friend at work pointed out to me that I needed to let other people handle things sometimes, and that I try to take on too much. I think this is a mommy thing.

What do you all think? Does anyone else have a hard time letting other people handle kid things?

A cute side story, my dad's wife has a grandniece (I think i have this right) who is about A's age. She's been over to play some while A and C are visiting. A is in love with her. He scoots over next to her as close as he can get, lays his head on her shoulder, and bats his eyelashes. I think I have a lady killer on my hands!