Thursday, October 15, 2009

Life According to A

A is hilarious. He seriously makes us laugh all day long. He has a mix of a wonderful sense of humor and a very serious side which makes for some zingers that come out of his mouth.

A is almost 3 now, and not potty trained. In fact, up until yesterday, A had NO interest in the potty. I learned the hard way with C that you can't force the issue. When they're ready, they're ready. When they're not...well...they're not.

Last night A informed me that he wanted to use the potty. Great!!!! We clapped and praised and helped him out of his pull-up. Then he insisted he had to be "nakedheimer" in order to use the potty. Fine, no problem! So, we helped A get "nakedheimer" and he sat on the potty. And sat, and sat, and sat. 25 minutes later, still sitting. Nakedheimer.

Finally, we heard a little toot. A jumped up and looked in the potty. Then, he very very seriously said: Mommy, there's no poop in there! I guess my fart didn't work!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT make a modified version of MckMama's version of redneck caviar and eat the entire thing with my husband. I also did not become so addicted to the stuff that I made it three times this week for dinner and stopped at the grocery store with two screaming kiddos to get the accompanying fritos. Not me! I always cook and serve only well-balanced meals, never only chips and dip. Not me! (In my own defense, *if* I had done that, the kids would've eaten better than that, *if I did it, which I didn't....)

I did not go out to dinner with my husband and his coworker and her spouse only to order something that skeezed me out so badly when looking at it that I couldn't eat it. Especially at a nice restaurant, especially at a work dinner. Not me! I always enjoy fine dining and am always willing to try new things!

Seriously now, when learning that my in-laws (who I love!) were looking for a house to rent, I did not tell them that there was one 3 houses down from us causing them to rent it. I would never overlook the possible problems that may cause in the future. Not me! I always think ahead.

I also did not forget that C spilled a whole container of chickfila milk in the car leading to choruses of "EWWWWWw..what's that SMELL" when we got in the car this morning. Not me! I always clean things up immediately. It's also not me that now has to pay for a shampooing of the smelly car. Not me!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Life According to C and A...

C: Mommy, can we go to the museum today?

Me: No, C, I'm sorry, but we have to get home and get dinner and have tubby time. We can go back this weekend.


A few minutes later:

A: Mommy, can we stop at McDonald's (pronounced Mik-a-donalds)?

Me : Not today honey.

A: Don't you never ever ever ever let us go to McDonald's!!! It makes me sad.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm going to call this one...

For just about the last three years, A's constant companion was his ninny (read: pacifier). Ninny was second only to night-night (his blanket). A LOVES ninny. He even had his own ninny language when he needed to communicate with us but did not want to bother with taking it out of his mouth. A wanted ninny when he was happy, sad, sick, sleepy, grumpy, sneezy, dopey....sorry, I got carried away. I really should have taken it away from him before now, but I kept putting it off. A's my last biological baby, and mommy has had a hard time letting him grow up too fast.

On Sunday, the unthinkable happened. We "lost" ninny. (Note the quotes.) A went to bed on Sunday night without ninny, and, surprisingly, he didn't cry. He DID however, sing his own personal version of jingle bells for 45 minutes until he fell asleep. (A's version of jingle bells goes like this: Jingle BELLLLLLLLLS Jingle BELLLLLS Jingle in the way! Oh, that is what we do and this is what we saaayyyyyyy!!)Since that day, he's asked for ninny all of two times. I just keep reminding him that ninny is "lost" and I don't know where it is. He accepts this and moves on.

So, I'm calling this one. Our family is officially 100% ninny-free. Except that *I* still have ninny, because I can't get rid of it. It's just "lost" in a great place that hopefully A won't discover! So, goodbye, ninny! We'll miss you. As for night-night, you can stick around. Heck, A can take you to college with him if he wants!

Monday, October 5, 2009

If you stopped by tonight....

If you stopped by our household on any given day, you'd hear a lot of laughter, squealing, and sometimes a little crying. Tonight, however, if you stopped by our house, you would've heard the following:

1. Please go back to the bathroom and put your pants on.

2. Do NOT hit your brother with your underwear.

3. Please do not stand on the arm of the sofa.

4. Jumping on our brother's head is not a good idea.

5. No, touching the dog's bottom is not a choice.

6. Wiping your bottom with fabric softener is not a good choice.

7. We do not spit on our toys.

8. We are not renaming the cat "Tuesday."

9. Yes, everything IS a cycle. Sure, even capri suns, power lines, and trees.

10. No, surprisingly, the Christmas lights are not on yet.

11. Ok, we'll ask daddy if he will be a mommy jaguar for halloween.

12. I'm sorry, we're having spaghetti for dinner. We cannot have meat (roast), hot dogs, cookies, and scrambled eggs.

Not Me! Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

It is not possible that I let my children stay in PJs all day long this weekend instead of dressing them in adorably cute outfits when I knew my in-laws were coming over. Not me!

I also did not throw away a perfectly good tupperware container when cleaning out the fridge because I was too scared to open it up and discover what sort of weird science experiment we had going on in there. Not Me!

I did not spend a huge amount of time reading Sookie Stackhouse novels this weekend instead of cleaning my house. Not me! I would never, ever, EVER spend my time with such mindless reading when I'm supposed to be reading The Count of Monte Cristo for my book club. Not me!

I did NOT ask for a day and a half off of work so that I could leave my family for a night to go a couple of hours away to see Brad Paisley in concert even though I already saw him this year along with Kenney Chesney and Toby Keith. Not me!