Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thanks, Check-out lady

This weekend I made the much dreaded trip to Wal-mart to buy groceries. If any of you are "facebook friends" with me, you know that I strongly dislike Wal-mart. I really despise shopping there. However, with our grocery bill going through the roof, my DH has asked that I do the grocery shopping there instead of Publix. So, off to wally world I went.

It was a gross experience. Dirty floors, yucky looking veggies, and VERY crowded. I made it to the check-out line and as the woman who was checking me out scanned my bottle of white wine (HEY, I needed it. I went to WAL MART...ok, really it was to make a Gordon Ramsay recipe that I am itching to try...more on that later), she asked for my ID. This made my day...seriously. Made my day! I said, "Thanks!"

Then......well, SHE said...

"HAha, oh, well, it's not that you look 21. It's that you don't look 40, yet."

So...thanks, check-out lady.


  1. Nice! It could be worse though , you could be in her shoes working at Walmart....